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Monday, April 25, 2005

An interesting analysis of how America works

I found an interesting analysis of How America Works through the Church of the Bad News blog. It was orginally taken from the blog, A Tiny Revolution. The analysis details the who, what, and how America works..

An excerpt:

In the US empire, military and economic decisions are made by exactly the same people. So it shouldn't be surprising if they are considering exactly the same issues in both cases.

Of course, those on the receiving end of these decisions might put it another way: the military and economic decisionmakers are two fingers on the same fist.

I wonder how many people are really surprised by this or how many people knew this. There are books out that say that there are approximately 25 families that control the entire world. If this is true, we are certainly living in a world dictatorship because these people giveth and taketh at will.

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