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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Selection of The New Pope

I initially said I wasn’t going to comment on this new Pope on my blog since I’m not religious and all, but the thought of this Old conservative German Cardinal being selected as the new Pope is not sitting well with me. First of all, why didn’t they select a Pope from a third world country since over half of the members of the Catholic Church are in these countries? Second, I thought there must be a reason that this conservative Pope was selected who unlike his predecessor, who was overwhelmingly loved by his native countrymen, many Germans are upset with his position, the headlines read Cardinal Ratzinger divides Germany.

Then I ran across an article that says, the “New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign”. Could this be the reason for Ratzinger's election to pope? Did the new pope accord a selective advantage to Bush (hmm) and this is his reward? Isn't it against the Church policies or against one of God's mandates to not to interfere with politics? Isn't that a sin? This is another example that the Catholics don't always practice what they preach. You have the infamous child molestation cases by many priests and they are protected under the banner of the Church. Now this new Pope is said to have intervened in politics; I wonder what will be next.

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