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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dictators, Tyrants and Fools (It's all about distractions)

This is an interesting article that I meant to post earlier since it was published on March 22, 2005 but somehow it got lost in the shuffle of everything I was doing. The million dollar question is this - why does Libya need nuclear weapons in an already volatile environment? And why are we (the American public) allowing ourselves to be continously fooled and tricked by this government?

We all know by now about the enormous raft of lies that were fed to the American people and the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Would you be shocked to know, however, that they are doing it again? Earlier this year, the Bush administration told allies in Asia that North Korea had supplied nuclear materials to Libya. This was a bald-faced lie; North Korea sold nuclear materials to Pakistan, an ally of the United States. Pakistan turned around and sold the stuff to Libya, but the Bush crew decided to fire a salvo of lies and disinformation at North Korea, and US allies in Asia.

According to the Post, "The White House declined to offer an official to comment by name about the new details concerning Pakistan.

The Washington Post reported on Sunday the fallout from these lies . "The Bush administration's approach, intended to isolate North Korea," wrote the Post, "instead left allies increasingly doubtful as they began to learn that the briefings omitted essential details about the transaction, U.S. officials and foreign diplomats said in interviews. North Korea responded to public reports last month about the briefings by withdrawing from talks with its neighbors and the United States."

This is why Condi Rice is touring Asia right now; some outraged allies have to be soothed. No, we didn't really lie to you. It's just that we can't make Pakistan look bad under any circumstances, and we surely can't have people know that our ally was selling nuclear materials to Libya.

I think it is interesting that this current administration always manage to keep the general public distracted using various antics to cover up their real actions and intentions.

The author of this article has this to say about these types of distractions: Understand that whatever these people are making noise about is not what they actually care about. They did it a couple of weeks ago; while shouting about Social Security reform and getting everyone all fired up over that, they passed the Bankruptcy bill, the Gun Manufacturers Shield Law and opened ANWR for drilling. They've known their Social Security 'reforms' have been dead in the water for weeks, but kept pushing them to distract opponents from their true goals, which they reached in fine style. So it goes with Ms. Schiavo. They don't care about her. They want everyone looking at her, however, while they prepare to destroy the filibuster in the Senate in order to appoint a few far-right judges to the bench. Never mind that the Senate has confirmed 204 of Bush's judicial nominations, blocking only 10, which is an approval rate of 95%.

I think if we are honest with ourselves, we will have to admit that these people are slick and devious with their petty distractions, while at the same time pushing their own personal agenda right down the throats of all the American people. When will a critical mass of us wake up and smell the coffee and speak against this Republican led government dictatorial behavior?????

It is interesting to note that the Iraqi people were innocent, yet they were attacked, and still being occupied for wrongs they never committed, while North Koreans were able to sell WMD to Pakistan, who in term sold them to Libya. Something is fishy here. You really have to ask, who is Libya planning to use these weapons on? Black Africans, these are the only people Libya has been fighting with.

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