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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Judges Battle Transcends Numbers

No matter what the Conservatives say about the liberals, the reality is - they are the ones in control of this country and have been for a while. Therefore, if there is a problem plaguing this country, it can be traced back directly to those in charge. These are some interesting numbers. The next three years are going to be interesting. What is happening now in D.C. - the effects will be felt for years to come as reflected in the numbers below.

WASHINGTON — The looming battle over President Bush's nominees to the U.S. appeals courts might derail the Senate, but it probably won't make much difference in the federal courts. That's because Republican appointees already dominate them. The issue is how far right the GOP can take them.

Though it remains a staple of conservative rhetoric that the courts are "out of control" and driven by "liberal activists," the GOP's control of the White House for 24 of the last 36 years has given Republicans — if not conservatives — a firm grip on the federal judiciary.

A Republican bench

Of the 162 active judges on the U.S. court of appeals, 94 of them, or 58%, are Republican appointees. There are 12 nominees by President Bush awaiting confirmation, all of whom were nominated earlier but blocked in the Senate.

Who appointed current judges
Nixon: 1
Ford: 1
Carter: 9
Reagan: 29
G.H.W. Bush: 29
Clinton: 59
G.W. Bush: 34
Total: 162

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