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Monday, April 25, 2005

Vital Nuclear Parts Missing

With all the crap that the US has done and is still doing to other people, this is not a good situation for America/Americans having missing nuclear parts unaccounted for. I saw in the video, the Fog of War, with Robert S. McNamara narrating the story - a lieutenant said that it is the US military policy to never go to war with someone who can defend themselves. I guess this is why the US went to war with Iraq, they simply did not have the capability of defending themselves. Also, I heard that the US had been bombing Iraq on and off for a decade so they knew there was no way that Iraq could have had WMD in their possession. Some people were thinking that the US was going to attack Iran next, but if Iran have these nuclear parts, and have the capability of producing nuclear weapon, I guess going to war is not a possibility since it is against the US military policy to go to war with anyone who can defend themselves. Talking about a bunch of bullies… I think this situation is going to be interesting to follow.

Excerpt from article:

Investigators worry that some components of a weapons factory ordered by Libya have fallen into the hands of another nation.

Critical components and specialized tools destined for Libya's nuclear weapons program disappeared before arrival in 2003.

Two senior international investigators said that the illicit technology had been shipped to Turkey, Malaysia and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, before it disappeared and that it remained unaccounted for.The equipment was initially meant for a $100-million, clandestine uranium enrichment plant and bomb factory being built for Libya by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan and a network of middlemen on three continents.

The list of potential clients for a nuclear weapons program is not long, but it extends to countries in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Khan traveled extensively and had contacts worldwide. Investigators have identified at least 30 companies and middlemen who sold goods to his network.

The seizure by the United States and Britain of a separate shipment of nuclear-related components from a freighter headed for Libya in October 2003 crippled the network and led to Khan's admission that he had been selling know-how and technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya.

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