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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Minstrels in Our Midst

This is a very interesting piece that Cyrus is discussing on his blog (Xenophon) and unfortunately I think it is so true. I do find the whole concept disturbing although the piece is enlightening. This is a good insight into the divide in the African American community or should I say, how some of us are being manipulated by others and this is putting it nicely.

As the right fights for position in the American debate and continues on its crusade for power at the cost of democracy and civility there are, among us, certain black pundits who have traded their soul for pottage. Many of the right's advocates of color are no more than puppets. They have formed a cadre of opportunistic minstrels who will say anything and do anything for a dollar while clothing themselves in a self-righteous veneer of Ku Klux Klan brand Christianity. They fight day and night for a return to Jim Crow as minions of the Republican conservative right.

"When the black folks get out of hand...many white folks think that it is nice to have another black person to shut them down."
Stephen Carter

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