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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ketchup Boy Fooled by the Onion - An unjustified attack

On April 12th the following post entitled "Ketchup Boy fooled" by The Onion was posted on Ramblings' Journal. You have to admit, it is a catchy titles and I'm a sucker for catchy titles. The first line of the post caught my attention too: John Kerry showed up Sunday whining about "voter intimidation" of minorities citing an old adage that says that Republicans should vote on Tuesday, while Democrats should vote on Wednesday.

Since I was on a conservative blog and I'm not a conservative, I always try to be on my best behavior so my response was this even though I think the story is true: Whether this story is true or not, I live in Illinois, which is a Blue State and I had my voter registration card with me that showed I was a registered voter; somehow - my name got deleted from the roll and was only allowed to vote provisionally (which really didn't count). There were so many inconsistencies in this election it wasn't funny.

Chris from The Black Republican said this: If you really believed that kind of schoolkid nonsense and didn't vote, you're too stupid to be selecting the President of the United States. Why didn't your provisional vote count, Cynthia? Mistakes like what happened to you are why there's the capability for provisional voting in the first place. Once they confirmed you were deleted erroneously, they should have counted your vote like any other. Did you leave out some detail, or are you really unaware of what a provisional vote really is? If the latter, it sure wouldn't be funny - but I'd certainly find the irony humorous.

As you can see, Chris' response is very condescending. Although I was a registered voter and I had my voter registration card to prove that I was registered - because someone took my name off the roll, I was told that I could only vote provisionally. I was livid. Anyway, I thought I am here and I'm not leaving unless I vote so I took the provisional ballot and voted. Since I noticed that my ballot was being set aside, I asked when will my vote be counted? I was instructed that it would only be counted if they can verify that you are registered and if these provisional votes are needed. After insisting that someone give me some answers as to why I was taken off the roll, I was told that this happened to at least 500 people in each of the Black precincts across Chicago. After this grueling and troubling experience - I had to follow this presidential election to the end. I thought it was a little odd that Bush won after the exit polls clearly said Kerry won. The more I looked into the 2004 election, I discovered there were discrepancies in nearly all the 50 states. And, what happened to me was child's play to what Ken (doll baby) Blackwell , who incidentally made the list of one of the Negroes of highest dubiosity on the Afro-Netizen Blog , did to the people in Ohio. When I saw Ken Doll Baby's name on that list, I knew right away that the author of the Blog, Chris Rabb knew what role Ken Doll Baby played in the Ohio election. Right now they are still investigating whether the Board of electors in at least Cuyahoga County broke the law in the recount. Rep John Conyers investigated and release a 103-page report entitled Preserving Democracy, What Went Wrong in Ohio. There were so many inconsistencies in this last election it wasn't funny.

I think if my name wasn't arbitrarily removed from the voter registration roll, I would not have been aware of all the voter disenfranchisement that took place in the November, 2004 election because mainstream media didn't cover this at all, which shows that these outlets are controlled by the conservative led government. There were investigations into the elections and protests, which occurred all over the US about the irregularities and mainstream media didn't cover one iota of it, which indicates that in the US, the media is not independent of the government. This was a learning experience for me.

The way John Kerry responded was less than admiral (putting it nicely). This last election showed me the necessity of a third party. This two party system failed miserably in this last election.

The last thing I will say on this subject is this - the media covered the Ukraine elections and the headlines read U. S. Rejects Tally, and Colin Powell said "We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet international standards and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse”. The U.S. was alerted to the voter fraud that occurred in its election in the same manner that the Ukraine election was rejected, the exit poll was different from the outcome and reports of fraud followed. If the Ukraine election could be rejected based initially on the exit polls, then reports of fraud, why isn't this same standard applied to the U.S. election? Very interesting indeed and I'm the one that is being called stupid!!! This comment from Chris illustrates a sinsister flaw in the characters of some black people that dates back to when our people were enslaved. I guess we will always have among our mist House Niggas who will say Massa, I sa put that Field Nigga in hur place. Ain't I sa gud boy, Massa.

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