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Friday, April 08, 2005

The outcome of religion manipulation

Attempts at controlling society by using God as an authoritarian figure or as an angry patriarchal concept of God has historically always had the indirect dire consequences of motivating peoples desires to please this deity to a point where they will indiscriminately fight and die for that cause. The common man is thereby used as a tool for the political enhancement of the manipulator.

We can see the results of this manipulation most often in the uneducated parts of the world. Fighting between Muslims and Christians in Sudan has for past 21 years been the cause of several hundred thousand deaths in that region. Muslims are still told by clerics to expand Islam by any means possible; this supposedly is Allah’s message to Muhammad. This goal of attempting to please Allah has caused strife between Muslims and its neighbors in the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, India and many other regions of the world.

An Indian Post Doc once told me that whenever there is strife in India, you could bet that the Muslims are the ones behind it. This person said if I became the President of India, I would tell all the Muslims in the country to pack their bags and leave India now.

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