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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Saudis execute more Black Africans

Saudi Arabia, the center of Islam has one again shown its contempt and hostility to African people. I'm not surprised by this. An Arabic lady got really upset with me and exposed her hand when we had what I thought was a minor disagreement on some issue (I don't remember what) and told me, do you want me to telll you what Arabs think of Black people. My response was - who cares what they think.

SAUDI ARABIA executed six Black Africans last week. At least one victim was not told he had been condemned to death, it is alleged.

Five Somalis and one Sudanese man have been put to death in the last week by the House of Saud. The five Somalis were each jailed for five years in 1999 and sentenced to 3,000 lashes for "abducting and robbing" taxi drivers.

When their sentences were up they remained in jail, despite protests from Amnesty International. There are claims that the five are innocent and were forced to sign confessions written in Arabic after being tortured. more

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