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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The future looks black

I agree with the author's assessment. Some people that I personally know support Mugabe just because he took that land from those white farmers. I tried telling them about his record, they didn't even care. The only thing that matters was that - when he took that land from those white farmers, he was on the right track. This is a sad and unfortunate commentary about Black people everywhere.

The curse of black Africans, in Africa and abroad, is their unrequited obsession with the white man. Black Africans try to reduce all human existence to a simple morality tale in which the white man is the source of all evil and misfortune. They have little interest in black people beyond their borders but enormous interest in white people. If there is an atrocity in an African country, black people outside that country will not care unless there are white people concerned, either as instigators or as victims.

When Mugabe slaughtered 20,000 black people in southern Zimbabwe in 1983, nobody outside Zimbabwe, including the ANC, paid it the slightest attention. Nor did they care when, after 2000, he drove thousands of black farm workers out of their livelihoods and committed countless atrocities against his black population. But when he killed a dozen white farmers and pushed others off their farms, it caused tremendous excitement. Mugabe became a hero in the eyes of black activists in South Africa, the US and England. That he has ruined Zimbabwe, a beautiful and naturally blessed country; that he has turned it from a food exporter to a hungry food importer; that he has caused 80 per cent unemployment and 600 per cent inflation; that he has killed and tortured tens of thousands of Africans; that he has crushed democracy; that he has reduced life expectancy from 55 years in 1980 when he came to power to 33 years now — none of this matters compared with his glorious triumph in beating up a handful of white farmers. more

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