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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Exchange of Information - a meeting in Chicago

Today, (4/9/05) I went to a meeting that was designed to give information that you don't hear in the media. The MC of the meeting was Cliff Kelly, radio talk show host on WVON and the keynote speaker was Thomas N Todd, Chicago Civil Rights Attorney. All in all, I was glad I attended the event.

Since I knew this would be the most opportune time to give out information about the Other Side of HIV/AIDS, I complied a 28-page report and gave it to Cliff Kelly. Cliff is a very intelligent man, I told him that he should read the information and determine for himself whether the public is being fed a stream of lies about the HIV/AIDS theory.

I know at some point, Cliff will talk about this information on his show. This was a very strategic move on my part, because the Cliff Kelly show draws some of the most intelligent people in the African American community not only in Chicago, but other cities as well because of the internet broadcasting. In addition, I gave the information to other key people in Chicago. This is the first time that anyone in the African American community (as far as I know) have complied this kind of information. We are no longer dealing with conspiracy theories, but we can begin to analyze the data as a community on a more intelligent and informed level.

This was indeed a good day in the hood.

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