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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Israel's Unlikely Ally (America's Black Community)

Excerpt from the article: The members of the Christian Allies Caucus of Israel’s parliament sat in stunned silence. A visiting African American pastor had just told them something they had never expected: Israel had a potentially powerful ally in America’s black community.

What the Israeli Caucus was thinking during the lecture: Do you think this Negro know that there are some Negroes who know that a few powerful Jewish people from New York funneled milions of dollars into the Georgia election to unseat that Cynthia McKinney. We did this, because we had no choice, this Negro forced us to do this because she kept getting in our way by voting against us on key issues, she simply was siding with the common people too much. And some of those liberals (Negroes and Whites) from Illinois actually had the nerves to help this Negro regained her seat and we think that at least those Negroes are still angry with us, especially since it was our influence that was instrumental in preventing her from regaining her seniority once she was relected to the Congress.

Excerpt from the article: Plummer “It’s hard to out do a black preacher when he talks Old Testament…” the charismatic Detroit pastor added with a chuckle. “As a biblical American, I find myself connected to Israel,” Plummer said.

What the Israeli Caucus was thinking during the lecture: Could these Americans Negroes be as naïve as the “Good Reverend” thinks they are? Can we call on this Rev. Jesse Jackson to represent our cause (that some think is unjust) and win a critical number of these Negroes on our side so we can continue our attack on those Palestinians; after all, we are the chosen people and God said we have a right to this land?

Excerpt from the article: Plummer blamed a few media hungry black figures for the rift in Black-Jewish relations that has deepened with the demonization of Israel. “Don’t listen to the Farrakhans,” Plummer implored.

What the Israeli Caucus was thinking during the lecture: Is this man stupid or what? Don’t he know that our spies have informed us that the American Negro Christians are starting to unite with this Demon Farrakhan and just recently in Chicago - Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson were on the same platform.

Excerpt from the article: Plummer left his best line for last. Stressing the black community’s familiarity with the history of the Jewish people, Plummer noted, “We’re people who understand the difference between Isaac and Ishmael. We get it.”

What the Israeli Caucus was thinking after the lecture: I hope these Negroes are as stupid as the Pastor said. We should approach him to see if we can recruit some spies to infiltrate the Christian organizations to remind them that Farrakhan is worshipping a demon God, therefore he is a demon. Brothers and sisters of the Caucus, do you think it will work?

This article is a good example why religion has no place in politics. Good people who are religious are oftentimes easily manipulated using their beliefs in their God against them to bring about whatever desired outcome any leader fancy, whether it is good or evil. This is why religions in my opinion was created and why it is maintained so that those in charge can control the masses, pull their strings at will.

The blog, Afro-Netizen has a list of the people that the author thinks are “The Negroes of Highest Dubiosity”, I would have to say, that maybe Pastor Glenn Plummer, former Chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters Association should be added to a list similar to this. This is a dubious act to use people’s religion against them in this fashion. Religion is a dangerous tool that has consistently been misused far too long as a justification to harm others. This religious superiority crap has to end. I am appalled by Pastor Plummer's remarks. These are very dangerous times we are living in. It used to be a time (in the US) when people were free of religious persecution, if the current trend continues, this will end.

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