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Saturday, April 16, 2005

John Conyers: Halt Assault on Judges - the Congressional push for judiciary control remains out of line

Last Congress, we passed a series of court-stripping bills that would have constituted the first time Congress had eliminated the federal courts from considering the constitutionality of federal laws. We also considered the Orwellian "Constitution Restoration Act," that would have declared it an impeachable offense for a federal court to cite foreign legal precedents in freedom of religion cases.

To make matters worse, Congress has failed to provide judges with their annual cost-of-living allowances over most of the last decade, resulting in the equivalent of an estimated $77,000 reduction of salary, making it increasingly difficult for the judiciary to attract and retain talented lawyers.

As any student of the Constitution knows, if there is any single idea in the Constitution that has separated our experiment in democracy from all other nations, it is the concept of an independent judiciary.

This evangelical Christian conservative government is turning itself into a dictatorship. The deeper you dig into this Conservative psyche; you really see that it is a contradiction, they say they believe in God and morality and the liberals are quite frankly immoral, but these same people are willing participants in the destruction of what John Conyers calls an "experiment in democracy”, but this experiment has worked well for over 200 years. Are the conservatives aware that this government is constantly eroding this system? And if they are aware, how can they say that they love their country, at the same time sit back, and allow it to be destroyed? If they are not aware, shame on them....

If anyone thinks that I am unfairly targeting these evangelical right-wing Christians, take a look at the following statement from an article in, America's Religious Right, Saints or Subversives? Part II

Judge Roy Moore knows how to rally the troops, especially among right-wing Christian evangelicals. A devout Southern Baptist, he tells them what they want to hear, as he did in early 2002 to a gathering in Tennessee:

Since September 11, we have been at war. I submit to you there is another war raging - a war between good and evil, between right and wrong. For 40 years we have wandered like the children of Israel. In homes and schools across our land, it's time for Christians to take a stand. This is not a nation established on the principles of Buddha or Hinduism. Our faith is not Islam. What we follow is not the Koran but the Bible. This is a Christian nation. Since when? Not according to the Constitution?

Why is Moore speaking about good and evil in one breath and in the next talking about other religions? Is it safe to say that Moore is using Christianity and the bible to say that these other religions are evil? If Moore isn't implying this - then why the references to these other religions after the good and evil statement. Saints are Subversives? You decide!!!

It appears they are trying to draw a line and you better decide which side of the line you will be on. The handwriting is on the wall...

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