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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What religion is right for you - Part II

I took a quiz to determine what religion is right for me and I do agree with the results. The score I received for Satan surprised me since I don’t believe in Satan. My beliefs span many different religions; it probably would be easier to explain why I don’t like the three major religions. These religions are too masculine and as a result are out of balance with life, nature, and God, which to me explains the brutality that is done in the name of these Gods. We are chosen, therefore, we have the right to kill, take, and abuse and misuse whatever and whoever we want because our God has sanction our actions (an entitlement syndrome).

First, paganism is a broad term used to describe any religion or belief that is not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. It is an earth-based religion, which lays emphasis on the worship of all aspects of nature. Pagans generally don’t believe in heaven and hell, but a recurrent thought is one of reincarnation, after all matter is neither created nor destroyed. I believe along with most Pagans that each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own evil acts/deeds. In the end, no one will be able to use the excuse “the Devil made me do it”. It was your choice, your actions, and you will be held accountable for your deeds in life (good and bad) and your belief in Jesus, Allah, and Yahweh will not save you from your just judgment. The Christians have a verse that is often overlooked and marginalized, "Faith Without Works Is Dead" (James 2:20). It is not enough to believe, you must act out your faith. If your God is good, then the majority who profess that faith will display the goodness of their God. If you believe that your God is capable of evil or doing harmful things to others, the actions of those who believe in this God will reflect that concept. If you take a cursory view of history and the present, the goodness of their God is overshadowed by evil deeds done by the believers of those faiths.

Second, I hold similar beliefs to that of Wicca’s. They believe in a God and a Goddess. One without the other is quite absurd. All life is an extinction of the Goddess and the God. This is how Jesus can be God to some and why Muhammad can be a prophet, but not the last prophet of God. And this is why Mary (mother of Jesus) and Isis (mother of Horus) are holy too and are Goddess in their own rights. Herein lies the problem, the great “Omission”; these religions omitted the female deity from the God entity. I can only speculate this was done because of some type of twisted notion of male superiority giving rise to the male entitlement syndrome, everything must submit to the man and anything that doesn’t will be forced to fit my will.

A fundamental belief in all religions is the sanctity of marriage, the idea of a husband and wife as the ultimate sacred relationship that was ordained by the “God” entity. If we agree that this model is what these alleged Gods wanted for people, then it stands to reason that the same God entity must have been both male and female, otherwise, why would this type of relationship be the ultimate expression of the God entity. All life depends on the Ying/Yang to balance things out. Without the Ying or the Yang, a type of psychosis occurs which manifests itself in all types of evil (holy wars, slavery, annihilation of various groups). Based on these observations – it appears there are fundamental problems inherent in these religions that have proven to be problematic for most to overcome.

Third, if a person do any type of research on the origins of their respective religion, they will see that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not unique religions ordained by a specific God but they are a mere adaptation of ancient religious beliefs described in Africa with the Goddess aspect removed. In essence, these religions are steeped in what some have termed Pagan beliefs. Many may want to dispute the origin of these religions, but this fact is irrefutable. The following Website Woman, Thou Art Loosed talks a bit more about these connections and her experiences/beliefs about God and religion.

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