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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Louisiana Activists to Protest Bank One Reparations Offer

Dorothy Tillman (Chicago Alderwoman) has devoted her life to getting reparations for African Americans. Recently, she was instrumental for the passing of an ordinance in Chicago that states no company can do business in Chicago unless they disclose whether they owned slaves. When JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One, through her efforts, Chase was prevented from doing business in Chicago for a year. Initially, Chase tried to deny that they owned any slaves, but through relentless perseverance by Dorothy Tillman, Chase disclosed with names the slaves they held in Louisiana. As a result, Chase established a scholarship funds, reparation for African Americans in Louisiana. Although I didn't think this was enough compensation, I at least thought this was a start, someone admited that we were wrongfully enslaved and they were willing to pay, maybe this is the beginning of others coming forth and admitting they committed the ultimate crime against African Americans.

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However, an Activist in Louisiana, Antoinette Harrell-Miller, a noted Louisiana genealogist, New Orleans television personality, and organizer of the press conference is said "They must pay us more," (good for her) . "This ridiculous amount of money does not come anywhere near what that company owes us for the devastation they caused our ancestors and their descendants,"

She said they never consulted us on the decision to create the scholarship fund, and are concerned about where the funds will actually go. "This paternalistic approach to paying reparations is reminiscent of how Blacks were treated during slavery," says New Orleans attorney Pius Obioha, co-lead counsel in a federal class action case for slavery reparations pending against Bank One and 17 other corporations.

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