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Friday, March 17, 2006

Local Stuff...

Kudos to Roland S. Martin since he was the first person to bring the Neil Steinberg saga to our attention. Today Steinberg apologized about his insensitive remarks concerning Stroger. I don't think the apology will be enough because some prominent black ministers are still angry about the whole ordeal and they may be calling for a boycott of the Sun-Times and possibly the Tribune. I heard this morning that the Tribune called the hospital where Stroger is being treated to get them to release their records. Apparently some people still don't believe Stroger is sick and want to verify his condition.

Excerpt from Steingberg's Column:

When I wrote Wednesday about Cook County Board President John Stroger, it was a mistake to focus purely on the political, and ignore the personal, the reality of a sick man going to the hospital. I'm sorry for that.

Can you believe that the former President, Bill Clinton, is endorsing John Stroger for President of the Cook County Board? He said if I were a Cook County resident, I would vote on Stroger. Stroger is an honest man. Here is a link to some of his accomplishments brought to you by the History Makers.

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