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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Future wars will be about European survival...

This is an interesting article that was found on Black Perspective & Introspection it is a nice sequel to the one where I talked about some interesting predictions.

For some people it is hard for them to fathom white folk carrying out an act or taking a particular position because it is about their survival more than it is about the issue itself. One such issue that comes to mind is abortion, most people are under the impression that white folk anti-abortion stances is about their religious beliefs because they cover their arguments and oppositional stances in religious dogma, but what white folk fear more than anything is global annihilation and or marginalization.
This could explain why South Dakota passed this ridiculous law stating that a woman can only get an abortion if it necessary to save her life. The most ridiculous part of this law is that it prevents a woman from getting an abortion if she has been raped - even if the child has been conceived because of incest.

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