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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Political Vandalism - Local Politics

Saturday was spent campaigning for Emanuel "Chris" Welch. I walked door-to-door giving out literature and talking to people about Welch. I asked property owners if I could place signs in their yards. I went to several apartment buildings and called a few mangers to see if I could display Welch's signs. One particular manager told me I could do whatever I liked. Naturally, I thanked him profusely. I strategically placed three signs on the property to get maximum exposure. Since I had already experienced Welch's sign being systematically removed, I decided I would retrace my steps. Wouldn't you know, after one hour, someone had already removed all the signs?

We rode around the neighborhood on Sunday to assess areas that we didn't personally cover and ran across a house that had several Welch’s signs torn in half. We took pictures. As we were taking the pictures, a red SUV came flying down the street and a man jumped out yelling what are you doing and identified himself as the property owner. We told him we are taking pictures of the Welch's signs that had been torn since we were wondering what had happened to the signs that had been removed in other areas. While we were talking, he told us that he works for Ike Caruthers, the alderman of the 29th ward, and all of a sudden, these Welch signs were appearing in the neighborhood and every time one is put up someone calls me. He went on to say - my phone is on 24 hours a day, so I know when his signs appear in this neighborhood. He said you can't put signs in people's yard without their permission. I told him every sign that is in people's yard, I personally asked the owners of the property for their permission. I said furthermore, I called a building manager on a certain property and the manager said you can add anything you want. I went back an hour later and someone had removed the signs. Therefore, we are taking pictures of this pile of signs that have been torn in half. By the time we finished talking to this man, his attitude had changed. He said - Welch's opponent is responsible for removing those signs (confirmed our suspicions). But, the real question is - why were they torn and left in this man's front yard? It appears ol' boy got caught with his pants down. We felt like those torn signs were a gift from the Gods.

These people are playing dirty...

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