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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Can you believe the ADL is calling for the disbandment of the Governor's Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes because Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad will not denounce Farrakhan’s two minute remarks out of a 2 hour speech about the wrong doings in the world (period) and those who use religion to cover up their evil behavior? If the Jews wanted to deal with fairness, they had the opportunity to do so when they were part of the commission, but -- because they had no intention to be righteous or fair, they walked away. What they really wanted was to be able to continue their manipulation and intimidation of people to get their way. Something is inherently wrong with how the Jews act towards others.

Previously, Rhelios made a comment on this thread, "it's just funny to me that a story like this pits the "chosen" people versus the dispossessed". When he made this comment, I was thinking, "if the Jews are chosen to do anything it is to show the world how not to act". What kind of God sanctions behavior that does not support fairness, righteousness, and truth? The real issue is not about who’s right, but about what is right. Farrakhan was talking about people who uses their religion to cover up their evil deeds. These people are good examples. He was not talking about the so-called "righteous Jews" or for that matter "the righteous period". Why don't these people go and tuck their tails between their legs and leave the rest of us alone.

Even Father Michael Pflager of Chicago’s Saint Sabina church knows unreasonable behavior when he sees it. He said the same thing I did "good riddance". If this is how the Jews will act, then it is better that they are not on this council.

The Jews are going against anyone who has an opposing view of their desires and in some cases, they are willing to kill (Palestinians) or destroy the careers (Cynthia McKinney and Gus Savage) of those who get in their way. And now they have threatened the Governor of Illinois. They said we will remember you.

The world is a dangerous place with unreasonable people at the helm...

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