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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cook County Board President

It is clear to the casual observer that Forest Claypool and his supporters are making this campaign (President of Cook County) about race.

Claypool is primarily appealing to the white community and to black conservatives that have a general disdain for the Democratic Party (period), while Stroger is trying to appeal to the sensibilities of all people. However, the reality is quite different. The signs for Claypool are in predominantly white communities, while the signs for Stroger are predominantly in the black community. Clearly, this suggests that Claypool has successfully divided at least the white and black votes.

It is unfortunate that the current board president, John Stroger, suffered a stroke recently. However, his campaign is still in full force. It's interesting to note that some people like this Chicago Sun Times Columnist, who incidentally is well known as a wife beater made light of Stroger's illness by saying he is trying to get sympathy votes.

Many black people are asking this idiot to apologize to Stroger. But he is adamant about his disdain for Stroger and feels he has nothing to apologize for. Anyway, Steinberg is a good example of the kind of person (Jew or otherwise) Farrakhan was talking about. This incident shows that black people need to pay closer attention to how others are treating them. The Black-Jewish relationship is being strained not by Farrakhan, but people like Steinberg.

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