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Monday, February 27, 2006

This HIV = AIDS = Death Hypothesis is imploding...

I think it is very difficult for some blacks and whites to believe (especially those with Conservative leanings) that this society (white) can be so diabolical as to invent a disease that does not exists and that same invented disease can some how disproportionately affect the black world (Africans & African Americans alike) and not the white world. Therefore, to reconcile this in their minds, many would rather just ignore any evidence that contradicts their reconciliation. It simply makes people feel good to think no one can be this diabolical to invent an alleged plague that science can't prove exist in the first place and then treat those whom they deem should be infected with said plague with very toxic drugs that are known to be so toxic that they will kill anyone who takes those drugs for that fictitious disease. You have that whole Hegelian concept at play here; if the lie is big enough, people will believe that lie and then the proposed solution to the said disease only benefits those who created the alleged problem in the first place.

Harper's Magazine wrote an excellent article about the misconduct of certain AIDS researchers and how they have dismissed the overwhelming scientific evidence about HIV/AIDS.
March 2006 article "Out of Control: AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science" (PDF).

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