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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Illinois Primary Elections on March 21st...

I heard my Congressman, Danny Davis endorse various people for the up-coming Illinois elections and one of those people were Representative Karen Yarbrough. I was a little disappointed with Danny Davis, because he should know that Karen Yarbrough is serving the interests of real estate businesses. Karen is running against one of my close relatives, Chris Welch. Naturally I want Chris to win, not only because we are related, he really is a honest and forthright person that will represent the interests of those he was elected to serve if he is elected as the Representative of the 7th District. He's has done some wonderful things as the president for the School District 209. He is responsible for building a magnet high school (Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy) so that the students who are excelling in school will have a place that is conducive for their continued development. I'm happy to see that the Chicago Tribune endorsed him over Yarbrough. Yay!!! Hopefully, he will win...

Here is what the Chicago Trib said about the 7th District in general:

The 7th District (West Side, west suburbs): Dante might mistake Proviso Township politics for one of the nine circles of hell. With all the accusatory to and fro in this race, it's hard to pinpoint the lesser sinner.

I had already learned that Karen is notoriously known for running a spear campaign against her opponents. Chris said he was going to stay away from this type of campaigning since he thinks it is counterproductive.

What the Trib said about Yarrough:

Democratic Rep. Karen Yarbrough has the smarts and experience to be a thoughtful, independent legislator, but she consistently fails to inspire. She's far more facile, for instance, at identifying line items for which she would increase spending than areas that need trims.

And, finally what the Trib said about Welch:

Emanuel "Chris" Welch, an attorney and Proviso District 209 School Board president, understands education-funding issues and offers his own district as one ripe for consolidation to save on costs. Welch, from Hillside, has clever ideas for informing new parents of college savings and early childhood education programs. He is endorsed in the hopes that he'll rise above all the local political squabbles.

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