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Monday, February 20, 2006

Interesting predictions

Some are predicting that the world will run out of cheap oil by 2050. Others are predicting that the world's population will increase by 2.6 Billon over the next 45 years, with all the growth occurring in less developed regions. Interestingly, with all of this growth, one report estimates that Europe's population is expected to decrease by 70 million by 2050, while another report estimates the decline may be as high as 90 million.

Some thoughts:

If the population is expected to grow in developing countries, how can these countries especially Africa be ravaged by HIV/AIDS. Shouldn't we see a decrease in the population? Why is the West trying to control the population growth of developing nations when they are using at most 20% of the world's natural resources? Maybe this energy would be best spent on trying to find ways to circumvent the inevitable decline in their population.

It's interesting to note that currently there are five additional ways to get pregnant using scientific technology (listed below) besides the traditional way (engaging in the horizontal polka). When these techniques are used, I wonder if the child inherits the infertility problems of the parents. If this is the case, this could explain in part the decline. The decline in Europe's population demonstrates that science is not a cure all. However, I do wonder what other factors (hidden) are driving the decline.
1. AID (artificial insemination with donor sperm)
2. AIH (artificial insemination with husband’s sperm)
3. ICS (Iintracytoplasmic sperm injection)
4. IU (Iintrauterine insemination)
5. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

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