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Friday, February 17, 2006

Feudalism Repackaged...

Although the statement below is a page out of the medieval European feudal system, it sure sounds like the platform of Christian theology if you change a few words. Just look at Samuel I, Chapter 7. This is consistent throughout the Christian text, obeying your Lord and if he tells you to kill, you must kill. In addition, this means anyone who holds a different worldview from you. Does this sound familiar? What about the Axis of Evil campaign by the Bush Administration? It's also interesting to note that modern day England has named its parliament after their old medieval feudal society (The House of Lords & Commons). Who are we worshipping, a man or a God when we say "My Lord"?

I'm always taken aback by people that actually believe America's moral values are declining. Everybody always neglect to mention a specific time when the Christian values were high or even on the incline. Courtesy of Church Secretary - this book appears to deal with the non-existent moral values of the Church. "Over a period of almost two millennia, the Christian Church has oppressed and brutalized millions of individuals in an attempt to control and contain spirituality". So I ask again, what period were these Christian values on the inclined, and don't you have to have an apex (when was it, I certainly missed this event) before a decline.

The noble men (Medieval Europe)
In order to obtain the land, a vassal had to pay homage to his lord. To do this, a man went down on his knees before the lord without a weapon, placed his hands between his lord's hands and promised to be his man, to serve him and fight for him. The lord then granted the man a fief. A fief was usually a piece of land, although sometimes it was a right, such as the right to fish in a stream or the right to collect a toll on a certain road. Lords commanded a small army made up of vassals who owed him military service for their fiefs. When he made a law, he used this army to enforce it.

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