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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Effects of Racism in America...

This morning on the Cliff Kelly show, a mother and her attorney tells how her 14-year-old son was killed in a boot camp in Dade County (FL). The child was arrested and charged for grand theft auto for joy riding in his grandmother's car even though he wasn't driving the car and the grandmother refusal to press charges. The officers that brought the child home after an accident told the family, even if you don't press charges, we will. From what I understand, this is a common practice in Florida that is being used to unfairly criminalize black youths. I suspect this is another way along with teaching our children to be criminals in the fourth grade that will assure that the following prediction come true (1 in 3 black males born in 2001 will go to jail in their life time).

Anyway, the courts put this child on probation and he was later charged by police for violating his probation by going to a high school. He was then sent to boot camp under the pretense of keeping him from going down the wrong path. The officers brutalized and killed him within the first two hours that he was there. Fortunately, someone got this on tape because the coroner said he died as a result from internal bleeding that was caused not because of the brutalization by the officers, but because he had the sickle cell trait. Ironically, this is not considered a disease, and yet, the coroner's report said this was the cause of the child's death.

I tell you, living in America is toxic to the survival of African Americans. If we are to survive in this environment, we must stop this type of barbaric and inhuman onslaught on our youth. This is more of that relative morality the U.S. is infamously known for.

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