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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Study: 6.5M South Africans May Have HIV

Another study is estimating (that magic word again) the number of South Africans that are infected with HIV/AIDS. This report estimates that more than 6.5 million of South Africa's ~ 27 million people have HIV/AIDS.

The increase in the estimates were based upon the National HIV and Siphilis Antenatal Sero-Prevalence Survey which found that 29.5 percent of pregnant women tested positive for HIV in 2004, compared to 27.9 percent in 2003. There are at least 64 factors known to cause false positives and one of those factors is a prior pregnancy, and it is common knowledge that most African women have multiple children; so to make this kind of estimate based upon pregnant women and extrapolate that to the larger population is irresponsible. This article also agrees that using these types of estimates based on sero-surveillance data from pregnant women shouldn't be used on other demographics. Estimating HIV/AIDS cases in this manner will inflate the rate in any society. And since we are talking about South Africa, let us not forget the other infamous study that experimentally demonstrated that the HIV/AIDS tests given to the people produced a false positive rate of 83%. This indicates that these tests are useless in the diagnosis and in the prediction of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in this population. It also suggests that South Africans are being treated for something they don't have. In other words, the very people who are bearing gifts are murdering these people. This is a reality that we must face as African people.

This report criticized President Thabo Mbeki's government for its sluggish response to HIV/AIDS, with activists accusing it of seeking to play down the crisis. Until last year, the government refused to provide life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs through the public health system, citing cost and safety concerns. These are legitimate concerns especially in light of the evidence that Mbeki has accumulated. He knows that the antiretroviral drugs cause a multitude of problems. For instance, AZT is a DNA chain terminator (it kills cells that try to reproduce) and destroys the immune system (you get AIDS and die). If an individual take protease inhibitors they will prevent your body from digesting proteins. Finally, this study showed that in utero exposure to HIV/AIDS drugs have caused some infants to have severe neurological disorders and another study demonstrated that there were excess DNA mutations seen in babies whose HIV-infected mothers took antiretroviral drugs. Can you really blame Mbeki for refusing to give his people these drugs in light of all the evidence that shows 1) they don't have HIV/AIDS and 2) they will die if they take these drugs from the very disease these drugs were prescribed to prevent.

I would like to know the real reason(s) behind this HIV/AIDS scare when there is ample evidence to show that something is seriously wrong with the diagnosis and the treatment. I must commend President Mbeki because he isn't buckling under the unfair pressure of The West to give his people drugs that are known to kill. I’m beginning to believe that The West has unfairly targeted and sentenced African people all over the world to death. This isn’t the first time in history that leaders in the West have killed people. Look at this site to determine the fate of the Native Americans and this site to determine the involvement of Bush's family with Hitler. And, lets not forget about this unholy and unjust war in Iraq as I write.

I'm sick of all these damn stupid ass studies damning African people to death.

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