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Monday, July 18, 2005

An Honest Look at Black Culture's History - You decide

This weekend I received an email from J. Marcus Xavier, owner of the blog called Very Small Doses. He said that he found my blog through the SistersTalk list, and so I figured I'd share this post, An Honest Look at Black Culture's History since I was looking for some feedback (and maybe even dialogue) from other African Americans on the 'net.

While checking out his site, I looked at the comment section and found that Michael King from Ramblings' Journal had visited the site and it appeared he wholeheartedly agreed with Marcus' analysis and posted it on his blog. It's interesting to note that Michael made a comment regarding a post I made earlier although his reference to that post is out of context. Michael said the following: Many people refuse to deal with taking personal responsibility for their actions, instead pointing to some sort of "generational post-traumatic" disorder or some other such gobbly-de-gook. I think this type of reference is just plain dishonest, confusing the issues to make your point.

After reading the post, I immediately thought this isn't an honest look at Black cultural history and if this author knew anything about me, then he knows that my thoughts are contrary to his. Just in case this is an honest attempt to engage more African Americans, I left a comment (which I'm yet to see it come through) and told him that there are many things missing in his analysis and I wasn't sure if they are willful omissions or just plain neglect. Either way, the analysis is so simplistic that I think the readers of his post will agree or not with him based upon their political affiliations and/or what agenda they are trying to push at the moment.

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