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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush Nominates Judge John G. Roberts Jr.

A white male conservative nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on a white male dominated Supreme Court. The Good Ole Boys network is still up and running. Is anyone surprised?

Conyers believes the announcement of the Supreme Court nominee was a ploy to distract everybody from the ongoing struggle to root out corruption and deception in the White House. He suggests that we continue to exmine Rovegate, Downing Street, and the ongoing deception in Iraq. For example, there was an important article in the American Prospect indicating that Rove may well have lied to the FBI, which is a serious legal matter.

A letter posted by Jacob Matthan written by an Iraqi woman pleading to the British people illustrates why we need to continue the struggle to root out corruption and not let Bush's nomination deter us from the issues at hand.

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