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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) this week allayed fears that HIV/AIDS tests in Africa were inaccurate.

Dr Tim Tucker, a virologist at the SAMRC, was responding to a recently-published article that claimed there was an 83% chance that the HIV test mechanism in Africa - called Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (Elisa) would produce false results.

Even when people work under the assumption (hypothesis) that HIV causes AIDS and try to experimentally verify the results using one of the technique used to detect antibodies to the alleged AIDS virus (HIV), if the results doesn't support mainstream dogma, it is rejected. I can't emphasize enough, that something is wrong with how science is applied and practiced with the HIV/AID theory.

Chimuterngwende-Gordon writes that: "people are diagnosed on the basis of unspecific symptoms, such as weight loss and diarrhoea". She further holds that the long-term use of HIV drugs is known to cause immunosuppression and side effects that are indistinguishable from AIDS.

It is really irresponsible to diagnose AIDS based on unspecific symptom such as weight loss and diarrhea. How is this AIDS? We all know that Africa is plagued with unsafe drinking water, lack of sewerage systems, malnutrition, TB, malaria, etc. etc. If a good doctors (depending on the training) asked the right questions or had the proper equipment to diagnose diseases, they could easily determine what caused any symptoms a patient has without automatically lumping all the common ailments already known in Africa under the banner of HIV/AIDS. I really suspect this is why so many people are dying in Africa because they are not being treated for diseases that have known cures. It is almost as if someone is trying to decrease the surface population.

By diagnosing people with HIV/AIDS - is an automatic death sentence. If you take the drugs you will certainly die within a 10-year span under excruciating conditions. And, if you don't take the drugs and you test negative, you will be branded for life although the evidence is out there that the test is not accurate. Either way, you become stigmatized for no good reason.

I'm at the point that I think it is best that no one takes the test (period). There is ample evidence that shows people will never develop AIDS from HIV. Another point to look at - out of all the health care workers who are working around this alleged contagious virus, there haven't been one single individual who has caught this virus from those who was supposedly infected with this alleged deadly virus. Quite interesting indeed...

President Mbeki is right when he said that in science, no theory should be immune from challenge, and debate over an issue affecting millions of lives should never be declared over.

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