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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Teaching black kids how to commit burglary...

Black people are fighting a losing battle in America. This society is hostile on many fronts.

Today I just heard on the Cliff Kelly Show that part of a lesson plan in the Baltimore, MD public school system was to teach black kids how to rob a house. The worksheet even had the nerves to include how to put on a mask so that you won't get caught. A 4th grade child said to his mother - I don't want to rob a house mommy. The mother became furious when she saw the assignment. Can you believe the worksheet was suppose to prepare the children in the Baltimore public school system for a standardize test that is coming up.

A female caller in Chicago said, this has also happened here and she went to the school and complained. The woman said her child never brought the paper home again and she monitored closely what they were teaching her child.

Some people wonder why we are in the predicament we are in and are quick to lay blame at our feet. We are constantly fighting an uphill battle. The question is - are we going to win?

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