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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Impotent African American Leaders

African American leadership is impotent. They can't lobby to congress to get funds for New Orleans and the Mayor of New Orleans is now trying to seek aid from other nations.

Our black leadership should take a hint from the white leadership who refused to buy into the whole HIV/AIDS hoax in their communities. It is obvious why this misinformation is fed to the black community. This government knows that black people are ignorant of science. Here is an article that is highlighting the AIDS risk to black men and women. It states that heterosexual sex has now replaced drug use as the most common means of transmission of the virus to women. What bull!

Now, here are two links to scientific articles that shows that HIV can't be sexually transmitted here and here. I also attached a little synopsis of the truth behind the biggest hoax the world has seen. Only the aware black people are going to get through this. We are singing, dancing, laughing, partying, and praying our way into oblivion. Where is our leadership?

Where are Jesus & Allah when we need them? We are the prayingness and believingness people in the world and yet, so far during our time of need, these entities have been missing and yet the game is continuing to be ran on us. Check out this site to see what I mean. This man is peddling death to our community.

This type of ignorance makes my blood boil. And, just think - now they have linked this National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to Black History month. Talking about adding insult to injury.

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