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Monday, August 01, 2005

We are experiencing the calm in the middle of the storm

When my family was living in South Louisiana in my formative years, we lived through several hurricanes. Hurricanes are one of natures’ most powerful storms if not the most powerful storm. Hurricanes have two main parts. The first is the eye of the hurricane, which is a calm area in the center of the storm and the second part is the wall of clouds that surrounds the calm eye. This is where the hurricane's strongest winds and heaviest rain occur and this part causes the most damage.

I think the American people are experiencing a hurricane that is being generated, powered, or fueled by this government. The first part of the storm has already occurred and now we are in the eye of the storm, the recess. Some people automatically think because the eye of the storm is calm, the storm is over. Unfortunately, for all involved, the worst always occur after the eye. In this case the eye of the storm is the recess of Congress for the entire month of August. Once Congress reconvenes in September, the ferocity of the storm, in this case, the abuses by Congress has the potential to be far greater than what has already occurred.

First half of the storm...

1. Ohio election fraud allegations and details on what went wrong with our democracy.
2. The Filibuster/Nuclear Option fiasco.
3. The wretched Bankruptcy Bill.
4. The ridiculous corporate giveaway, the CAFTA bill and the controversy surrounding its approval.
5. A special interest medical malpractice bill.
6. The 11 security breaches in the Valerie Plame case.
7. Patriot Reauthorization.
8. McKinney reopens the 9/11 terrorist attack.
9.The Downing Street Memo hearings and rallies.
10. Conyers' report about the five years of lies and deception surrounding the Iraqi war.
11. The US Supreme Court nominee of John Roberts and his involvement with the Federalist Society.
12. The connection between the Ohio Coingate and the controversial 2004 election.
13. Bush to bypass Senate on Bolton's appointment as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

What could happen after the eye of the storm (the recess)

We are approaching the 60th anniversary (August 6, 1945) of the first atomic weapons (Little Boy and Fat Man) that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. Unfortunately, for the Japanese people, the nightmare continues. Because these types of acts have already been committed in the past, we no longer live in an era that humanity's time on Earth is assured. We can't afford to take the threats of nuclear war lightly by the US or any other country. Especially since some people think that the Hiroshima bomb may have carried a hidden agenda. It appears we may be in another Cold War, but instead of Russia being the Evil One, it is China. As I write, China has already threatened to use nuclear weapons against the US if it interferes with any conflict in Taiwan. Some people say that Nuclear Combat is inevitable and that Cheney has already made plans to nuke Iran even if it is discovered that Iran has nothing to do with the terrorism. We are living in dangerous times. A time when the government no longer uses legitimate reason/excuses for war, but uses this concocted notion of the Axis of Evil or The Evil Doers, implying that Muslims are inherently evil and need to be subdued to stop the spread of evil. Using this type of rationale is an exploitation of natural differences/superstitions that is a natural part of people’s religious beliefs.

Nuclear Combat shouldn't be an option for anyone. A good resource to consult if you are interested in preventing Congress from using Nuclear Combat as an option is the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

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