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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Senators Avoid Fight Over Filibusters - What Good is the Democratic Party?

Judicial nominee Priscilla Owen gets the vote she's been awaiting for more than four years, the most immediate beneficiary of a deal worked out by Senate moderates to avoid a debilitating fight over filibusters. Link

I wonder if America/Americans gained anything by this compromise. The Republican Party can do whatever they want to and when they want to. All they have to do is tell the Democratic Party, we are going to change the rules unless you let us have our way. Either way, we will win.

On the other hand, was this an elaborate ruse coming from the Democratic Party to mislead the American people into thinking that we have two separate parties and they (The Democrats) were willing to fight for what was right, when in reality there is only one single party with one single goal? I think this is a sad state of affairs for American in particular and the world at large. The Republican Party appears to be un-stoppable. I'm beginning to think the Democratic Party need to be disbanded and in this way, we will not be duped into thinking we have a bipartisan government when in fact we have a partisan government with many of the members complicit in the corruption and will make sure the status quo is maintained at the expense of the average American.

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