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Friday, July 29, 2005

Neoconservatives & their Liberal Economic policies

J. Marcus Xavier had an interesting post about Sci-Fi’s Portrayals of Christianity. He said maybe this puts me in the same boat as the rest of "those people" who complain that the media has a huge Left-wing bias, but sometimes I have to wonder what people in Media--and specifically entertainment--are getting at. Since I watch a lot of Science Fiction, I generally tend to pick up on an underlying theme about popular secular attitudes toward Christianity. Maybe it's a legacy from Gene Rodenberry's dim views of religion which were expressed through Star Trek: The Next Generation (which has influenced science fiction on TV a great deal over the past 15 years or so), but there's this strong bias toward the view that people who are religious are ignorant, unintelligent or evil, and secular humanists are the "saviors" of true enlightenment. He ended by saying isn’t that just a wee bit bigoted?

I’m a Sci-Fi fan myself and I told him in one comment that if you look at the time frame of the episode(s), you will see it was done in a time when people were extremely superstitious about God/life. The writers of the various episodes set the stage for you, the people are even dressed like those in the Dark Ages, they have no electricity, running water, etc. We all know this was a time when people actually believed the earth was the center of the Universe. People were simpler and their beliefs reflected that simplicity. If they had shown religious any other way, it would have been historically inaccurate. As people become more enlightened, the episodes do indeed reflect that.

Whenever I read other peoples thoughts about who control the media, it amazes me that they appear to believe in something that they don't fully understand. For instance, the Republican Party may be conservative using a heavy hand of government in social policies, but they are liberal when it comes to economics. The Republican policies have always favored the rich at the expense of the poor and it is no difference when it comes to media ownership. Ten media conglomerates control everything that is disseminated to the world. As one can see, it is not about the politics of the left controlling the media, it is all about the rich and their liberal economic polices implemented by the Neocons that is controlling the world. This is why CAFTA was approved it favored the rich.

Since the word liberal is used by Necons in a negative way, I wanted to determine the origin of this word. This site defines "Liberalism" as nothing more than small-government libertarianism, something that the Republican party used to stand for. The article went on to say that somehow the meaning of the word Liberal has been hijacked by social conservatives and made to mean a Socialist Libertarian (Democratic Party). This is a misnomer. Democrats are far from liberal on economics, they favor state intervention. Just as I expected, it appears most people don't even know who are what they are supporting.

Since I'm convinced that the average person doesn't understand the Necons agenda, this sites list some of the neoconservatism's most influential leaders and briefly talks about their background and this sites explains some basic concepts about Necons and explains what they believe in and how the term was first coined (Necon 101). And yes you guessed it, Israel and the Muslim world is connected and it appears Israel is the culprit.

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