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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

D.C. Pastor Again Assails Lesbianism

I purposefully stayed away from this topic the first time it surfaced, but it is a story that probably will never die since homosexuality is rampant in the black community. Black people are up in arms about what the Good old Rev said about lesbianism in a Sunday morning service. People are now calling him a homophobe. Some are saying that the pulpit isn’t a place to discuss this issue. Anybody that knows anything about black people, if you want to discuss something, just go to the church you will have a full audience. Therefore, this was the best place to talk about this subject. We are the prayingness people I’ve ever seen.

This topic is super sensitive in the black community; look at what the NewBlackMan had to say on this issue. Professor Kim also thought the sermon was newsworthy. If you discuss this in any other way besides giving accolades to gays, you are automatically labeled a homophobe even if you genuinely believe there are other factors contributing to this phenomenon. I'm among the few who will unapologetically admit that the Black community is experiencing not only an epidemic of lesbianism, but and epidemic of homosexuality period. I’ve already extensively discussed this topic and possible causes for this epidemic here and here. I think I need to send The Good Ole Rev a copy of what I wrote. It appears some people think the rights of homosexuals supersede the rights of children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment.


The Reverend Willie Wilson - who apologized last week for some harsh comments he made about lesbians during a sermon - is speaking out on the issue again.

The Washington Post reports Wilson writes in a new posting on his church Web site he's deeply concerned about an "epidemic" of lesbianism among young black girls, calling it a "severe crisis" that threatens "the very survival of the Black family." Wilson goes on to say the "situation is so grave that it should be declared a national emergency."

In the Web posting, Wilson apologizes to "any and all" he offended with the July 3rd sermon but says he doesn't apologize for brining the issue to the forefront.


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