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Thursday, June 30, 2005

What does an increase in hormones in the environment have in common with early puberty & the rise in homosexuality?

As stated earlier, it appears the Black community is experiencing an exponential increase in same sex relationships. There are two reasons that could be causing this increase, one has its roots in slavery, we are experiencing the effects of intergenerational trauma past from one generation to the next, while the other focuses on external environmental factors such as the addition of hormones in the food supply and the environment that are disrupting our endocrine system (Endocrine disruptors).

Recently I read an article entitled Are Black Girls Growing Up Too Fast? The article talks about a young woman who got her period, developed breasts and grew pubic hair all in the same year, she was the first in her class to hit puberty. The problem arose because she was an eight-year-old second-grader. This is an all too common phenomenon in the black community.

I believe the external hormones added to our food supply are throwing off the natural rhythms of our body. In other words, our body can't maintain homeostasis. Nothing is neutral, therefore, everything we eat and drink, is complimentary or insulting to our body's ability to maintain homeostasis. Since 1995, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the use of implanted reproductive hormonal agents in beef cattle. Because of these external hormones in our food supply – our Endocrine system is being disrupted, which is thrusting young black girls into puberty far too early; it is feminizing men (too much estrogen) and masculinizing women (too much testosterone).

Someone else is also posing similar types of questions, about homosexuality, about puberty. They asked the following - have you thought, maybe the "gay" gene debate is an intentional attempt to throw people off questioning why homosexuality/bisexuality and gender problems might be on the rise? They have also listed some of the common "Endocrine disruptors" that are in our daily lives. This is a very interesting read. I think we need to reexamine many things in our lives and this is one of those areas.

The following six hormones have been added to beef:
1) Estradiol and 2) Progesterone
Estradiol, the hormone most commonly used to "fatten" cattle, is a potent cancer-causing estrogen.

A synthetic progestin:
3) Norgestomet
Norgestomet is mainly used to synchronize estrus in cattle.

4) Testosterone
Men produce 10 to 20 times as much testosterone as most women do, therefore changing the ratio has a profound effect on the body and how women respond to sexual stimuli. The same thing occurs for men who have too much estrogen. See the following excert from The He Hormone article published in the New York Times.

A Stanford research group, for example, as reported in Deborah Blum's book "Sex on the Brain," injected newborn female rats with testosterone. Not only did the female rats develop penises from their clitorises, but they also appeared fully aware of how to use them, trying to have sex with other females with merry abandon. Male rats who had their testosterone blocked after birth, on the other hand, saw their penises wither or disappear entirely and presented themselves to the female rats in a passive, receptive way.

The synthetic anabolic steroids:

5) Zeranol
Zeranol is a non-steroidal oestrogenic growth promoter. It increases liveweight gain in food animals following implantation. The use of zeranol for growth promotion in food animals was banned in the EU in 1985


6) Trenbolone
Male hormone that is also used for body building.

Lest not forget those growth hormones promoted by Monsanto, and sold as Posilic, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, (rBGH), which increased milk production in dairy herds nearly 20%.

And people wonder why I don't eat meat.

Just to recap, you really don't have to look far to see why there is an increase in early puberty for black children, an exponential increase in homosexuality/bisexuality, and a health crisis in Americans, particularly African Americans. If we just cared enough to research what we are eating, we can eliminate many things.

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