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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Origin of Homosexuality in the Ancient World

Recently I talked about two reasons that may explain the exponential increase in homosexuality and bisexuality in the black community and while I was presenting my argument I prefaced it with the following statement: Although homosexuality may exist today in African societies, it was not a widespread practice during ancient times. Therefore, the crust of the argument was that homosexuality was introduced into the African American society during slavery and is currently being perpetuated because of intergenerational trauma and/or because of external factors such as too much exogenous hormones in the environment.

If homosexuality existed or was widely practiced in African cultures in ancient times - there should be evidence of this just as there is evidence that it existed in Greek & Roman cultures. Although it appears male/male homosexual behavior in these cultures were widely practiced and thought of as the ultimate form of sexuality, female homosexuality at least initially in the Roman culture was frowned upon. With the introduction of Christianity, male homosexuality was also viewed as an unnatural and ungodly act. So, this is a major achievement for homosexuals to have at least one church pass a resolution in support of equal marriage rights for all people regardless of gender.

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