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Friday, June 10, 2005

Taken from Conyers' Blog

Going to Hell in a Hand Basket

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that our nation is heading in the wrong direction under GOP rule says John Conyers

NY Times June 6 Headlines

1. page A,9; a story on how Latin Nations are resisting U.S. calls for creation of a committee to monitor democracy. Is it any wonder when more than one half year after the Ohio fiasco not a single question has been answered by the Ohio Secretary of State to explain the massive irregularities?

2. page A, 10; a story on Texas Governor Rick Perry having a bill signing at an Evangelical School. Does separation between church and state have any meaning any more for the Republican party?

3. page A, 11; First Lady Laura Bush comes under fire for seeming to endorse a repressive regime in Egypt. Do we really have the credibility to advocate for liberties and democracy abroad at this point in time?

4. page A, 15; Missouri flies Confederate Flag at memorial service. Does anyone think elections don’t matter when the GOP Governor made this happen?

5. page A, 16; Sen. Biden urges U.S. to close Guantanamo. And this from an original supporter of the War. At least Senate Judiciary seems willing to hold hearings on the abuses. We’ll see.

6. page A, 22; Now we’re on the editorial page. Excellent editorial reminding us that the only thing stopping an historic world commitment to alleviate poverty in Africa is the U.S. Government. And for a fraction of the cost of the Iraq war.

7. page A, 22; Great piece by the Editorial Observer comparing the present unease to the mid 1970's in the wake of Watergate and Vietnam. Is there a silver lining? Adam Cohen notes the time could be ripe for a change of political control in the U.S.

8. page A, 23; Finally, the op-eds. Bob Herbert has another great column, this time on class war in America and Bush and GOP doing everything in their power to expand class injustices in America.

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