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Friday, June 10, 2005

Conyers Questions Republicans’ Morality in Federal Budget- Criticizes the Majority for Putting the Rich and Powerful over Those in Need

The Republican Party has spent decades trying to co-opt morality, pushing voters to their side by claiming to represent American values. Today, however, the Republicans have abandoned any pretense of concerns for working families by producing the most cold-hearted, wrong-headed priorities in a federal budget in recent memory.

The FY 2006 budget that Congress is sending to the president gives more tax cuts to the wealthy and reduces or ends over 150 domestic programs that would assist children, schools, health programs and job creation. And as Republicans try to rally the country around social security privatization by claiming the program will soon run out of money, this budget finances its deficits with every cent of the Social Security Trust Fund surplus. Tragically, this budget cuts Medicaid by about $35 billion because, as Senate Budget Committee chairman Judd Gregg put it, the program ‘is growing far too fast for us to be able to afford it.’

To be moral, however, requires more than just lip service. Morality means actually caring about people, showing compassion when faced with those in need and making sacrifices in order to help those people. This kind of morality, it seems, is extinct in the Republican Party.”


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