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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Exhumation of Emmett Till

The exhumation of Emmett still bothers me...

I'm not the only one who thought the exhumation of Emmett Till to positively identify him was an insult (bogus). There is more to this story than what meets the eye. Yesterday on the Cliff Kelly Show, he voiced his opinion and his thoughts were similar to mines. He said I wouldn't be surprise if they came back and said that the evidence shows that Blacks were involved in his killing to minimize the racist edge to the story. When Cliff made that statement, I told a friend I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe this is paranoia on our part; I certainly hope these people are not up to something sinister. You really have to wonder when they had confessions from the men who killed him. What more do they need besides a confession to establish guilt? This is why I couldn't understand how Earl Ofari Hutchinson can come to the conclusion this was a good sign for African Americans.

This wouldn't be the first time that something was announced first then something terrible happened afterwards. For instance, two weeks prior to Mayor Harold Washington (Chicago's first black mayor) death, the news media announced what seemed like every day that he was over weight, he was sick and he should watch his diet etc., etc., etc. While they were announcing this, many people said oh my God, they are getting ready to kill him and bam, two weeks later he fell dead at his desk, just like that. Until this day, you can’t convince many African Americans living in Chicago that he wasn't killed by his nemesis although no one has any proof.

It appears we are being conditioned to accept some type of bad news.

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