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Monday, June 13, 2005

Slightly wicked of me...

Today, we had a birthday/graduation/going away party for three lab members. One person is going to medical school, one is going to law school and the last will be doing his residency in New York.

One lady in the lab ordered food and another picked up the cake. I always try to stay away from the girly frilly stuff. Anyway, I went to get a vegetarian sandwich and there were none. I said, do you mean to tell me that no one ordered any vegetarian sandwiches? The woman who ordered the food said I ordered one veggie sandwich for you and someone took it. I'm thinking why would anybody order a single sandwich? Most meat eaters - at least at Northwestern will eat a veggie sandwich, but I haven't seen any non-meat eaters who are willing to eat a sandwich with meat on it.

So there I sat through a party where I was the only person who didn't have anything to eat. It reminded me when I went to training in Dallas while working at one of the then Big Six Accounting firms, now Big 5. In Dallas at that time, I guess they were not big on Veggie dishes.
Anyway, we sang happy birthday, the cake was cut and still people expected me to eat cake on an empty stomach. I guess I could have eased their conscious, but I refuse to budge. I simply told them I don't eat any type of dessert on an empty stomach. Again, I sat and watched everyone eat cake, all the while thinking, this will teach them to be this inconsiderate. People kept apologizing. Someone said I brought in a banana loaf, why don't you eat that. I politely refused. I could see the guilt, yet I didn't budge. I could have eaten the loaf, or the fruit I brought from home, but I didn't. I just sat there talking to people and thinking, I bet the next time we have something, they will order not one, but three veggie sandwiches. The funniest part to me is this - it really was too early for me to even think about eating, and I hate sandwiches. I would have eaten out of politeness. Since I didn't have any food, I said the hell with politeness.

I have to admit, although I think this is funny; it is slightly wicked on my part...

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