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Monday, June 13, 2005

True to Form: Estimating the Trajectory of the US Body Proper

This is an interesting commentary by Adam Roufberg. I'm always glad when I find others who can see through all the crap coming out of Washington. This war really has to make you wonder about many things and some of those things are explored below.

The Neo-conservative Administration which has taken over the White House and the Pentagon, save Congress and the Judiciary - at least for the moment - has made a slight miscalculation in their divisive plans for a Pax Americana. Their major blunder - some might contend- was poor planning for the Iraq war. Make no mistake, this was no mistake. Too few Troops from the "Coalition of the Willing" were sent and a stabilized Iraq was never the goal. The same could be said about an exit strategy. If you do not plan on leaving the country you occupy you do not need an exit strategy. Rather, you need enough cannon fodder and media oversight to perpetuate the cultural, spiritual, and blood-lust rape of a nation- the peoples of which understand occupation all to well. The war planners understand this understanding and fully intended to invoke both a huge resistance - to be pacified - and a civil war. Yet the major flaw of the war planners was to make the assumption that there would be no major resistance from the US populace and any upsurgence which might occur could easily be contained.

It is most unfortunate that the US Congress bought into the war. One would almost have to assume that US military and economic hegemony is a principle accepted by the full spectrum of politicians - with total disregard for life both inside and outside US borders. How else could the authorization for the use of force against Iraq (PDF) be issued and implemented - specifically when most of the major elements of this Law proved to be untrue before military action was taken. The National Intelligence Estimate of 2002 proved to show little support for the contentions that the Bush Administration put forth as a means by which to justify their illegal invasion of a sovereign nation- the supreme international crime. Illegal because it is a violation of the US Constitution, the War Powers Resolution, the UN Charter, The Geneva Conventions, and so on down the list of internationally accepted statutes which are intended to prevent such heinous actions of any nation state against another.

If the Legislative and the Executionary branches of the US Government were mutually complicit in a greedy and megalomaniacal grab for the Iraq’s resources - (as pointed out by Wolfowitz as well as implicitly stated in Rebuilding America’s Defenses (PDF) - the Neocon recipe book for US Military hegemony (a.k.a. Full Spectrum Dominance) in the passage "the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein " (i.e. if Saddam was not in power the US would still have to invade Iraq)), they must have assumed that they could get away with it. The key to this is to suppress any resistance at home.


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