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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Other Side OF AIDS: Additional Resources - Part II

Dr. Peter Duesberg was a noted and successful college professor (UC Berkeley), researcher in molecular biology, member of the National Academy of Sciences and leading candidate for a Nobel Prize, until he dared speak the unspeakable, publishing a 22-page paper in the March 1987 issue of Cancer Research not only proving that the HIV virus cannot be the sole cause of AIDS, but also calling into serious question the theory that AIDS is a single infectious disease caused by any microbe, at all.

On the basis of his experience with retroviruses, Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis in the pages of Cancer Research, The Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature, Genetica, Journal of AIDS, AIDS Forschung, Biomed. & Pharmacother., New Engl. J. Med., Chemical and Engineering News, Naturwissenschaften, Research in Immunology , Pharmacology & Therapeutics and the British Medical Journal. He has instead proposed the hypothesis that the various AIDS diseases are brought on by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and anti-HIV drugs, such as the DNA chain terminator AZT, which is prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS.

When AIDS was first discovered in the U.S., it was in the Gay community. These people were heavy drug users. According to the movie, The Other Side of AIDS, Gay men would experience on average 250 sexual encounters in one year. They said to make the penetration of anal sex more pleasurable they used drugs often. One man said, because of the unprotected sex, we created a condition among ourselves that was analogous to what is seen in third world countries (unsanitary conditions). He said there were outbreaks of dysentery prior to the alleged HIV/AIDS epidemic and other opportunistic infections that broke out within the gay community that weakened the immune system of many in that community, which led to a disease that was called an acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). According to Duesberg and others, HIV does not cause this disease.

Because Duesberg challenged the Dogma on AIDS, his funding was revoked as well. This is quite a severe punishment for someone with his credentials. You really have to wonder, why one can't question the authenticity of HIV/AIDS, when everyone knows that scientific knowledge changes all the time as it should to accommodate updated discoveries...

Websites with links to many other websites: - - A Rethinking AIDS Website composed of over 1200 webpages with over 850 articles

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