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Monday, March 21, 2005

Roll Call - For the relief of the parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo

Illinoisans need to get rid of Bobby Rush. This man doesn't vote on any major issues. What is he doing? You would at least be able to respect him if he took a stance, even if you don’t agree with the stance. Instead of taking a stance, he appears to cower on all major issues. I’m really beginning to dislike him. I will most definitely tell friends and family about his voting record. He doesn’t need to be in Congress if he is not willing to show that he has any type of backbone or balls. Right now, he is utterly useless….

Maybe, I need to start a campaign against Bobby Rush or start a Website like the one that been started that is titled Dump Dick Durbin. What a great title. Anyway, Dick Durbin is a Senator from Illinois and is the Assistant Minority Leader (Number 2 person in the Senate). This is the fifth time in history that an Illinois Senator has served as a Senate leader. Having said that, Durbin has apparently pissed off at least one person who has dedicated a Blog to him that says he needs to be dumped. This is how I feel about Bobby Rush, I need to find some type of catchy title and start a blog that is dedicated to removing Bobby Rush, such as Replace, Remove, Rob Rush or better yet, "Let's Flush Bobby Rush Like Used Toilet paper". But seriously speaking - I think this man must be removed like yesterday and I will make sure everyone I know, knows about his voting record...

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