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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nigeria's Oil Killing Fields

It's hard to believe what some people will do for money. Nigeria could have/should have been a beacon for Africa, but instead they allowed themselves to be corrupted by U.S. corporations.

By the way, I heard Cheney (the V.P.) is currently being paid by the U.S. government and Halliburton, talking about double dipping and a conflict of interest.... It is common knowledge that Halliburton is one of the major players that’s benefiting from this immoral and unlawful war on Iraq so it’s no surprise that Halliburton is one of the contractors benefiting from the "Nigerian Oil Killing Fields".

If you ignore all the corruption surrounding this last election, for the most part, Americans voted these corrupt leaders in office. I've heard from reliable sources that Bush/Cheney and their boys are stealing money left and right with this war on terrorism. There is a certain amount of money that is called leakage that is literally disappearing from the governmental coffers. Leakage refers to untraceable stolen taxpayer's money.

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