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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Do we have a right to comment on evil acts committed in the name of G_d?

On Friday, 3/18 - I referred to the evil committed against people under the guise of Islam and someone posted an irate (inappropriate in my opinion) comment. They told me that I need to stop all the ranting and raving against Islam and I need to stop my racist behavior and although you are black you don't like other blacks.

First, I guess we can throw the notion of freedom of speech out the window. Second, my site is clearly Afro-centric, so the black reference is quite absurd. However, I am perplexed that the person didn’t show any compassion towards the millions of people who were killed or maimed in the name of Islam.

If we never talk about evil acts, how will it stop? I wonder what would happen if Muslims showed the same type of indignation towards those who committed atrocities in the name of Allah?

Should we be afraid to speak out against religious beliefs when those alleged sacred beliefs become violent towards others? At what point can people speak out against evil behavior committed because their G_d said it was ok? This is the message I’m left with from the encounter…

This whole interaction was very interesting indeed…

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