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Thursday, March 17, 2005

House Approves $81.4 Billion War Spending Package

The House on Wednesday approved an $81.4 billion emergency spending package for combat and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, which would push the total cost of the wars beyond $300 billion.

How Did Your US Representative Vote?

By a 388-43 vote, the House gave President Bush most of the money he had requested, with strong support from both Republicans and Democrats. The Senate will consider its version in April. The legislation is the fifth emergency spending plan Bush has sent to Congress for wars since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It provides $76.8 billion for defense-related expenses and, overall, is roughly $500 million less than the president's request.

In a statement, Bush said the House passage showed a "strong bipartisan support for our troops and for our strategy to win the war on terror." This statement by Bush indicates to me that we have only one party and this new party is called the Demopublicans or Republicrats.

If the monies slated for combat and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan were re-allocated to social security, it would certainly solve the so-called social security crisis for decades to come. But, I guess - America needs the war and all that foreign oil to boosts its economy. I'm sure the rewards America will reap from Iraq and Afghanistan far outweighs any negative benefits that are perceived at this moment in time.

After all, I read an article recently that said the U.S. economy is so dependent on fossil fuel and its by-products that within months the whole country would collapse and subsequently many people would die shortly thereafter if we didn't have this much needed petroleum. Therefore, America must by any means necessary assure that it has access to as much fossil fuel as earthly possible to assure her survival as it stands now. Even a basic commodity like food (that is taken for granted by Americans) is dependent upon having adequate access to fossil fuel to bring crops to our local supermarkets. You really have to wonder why a country such as this, would build its economy on a product that is not sustainable. I guess when the earth no longer produces fossil fuel; America will be the last nation standing, i.e. with access to fossil fuel. Very interesting concept indeed.

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