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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Synopsis - HIV is the biggest hoax the world has seen!!!

Val asked me to write a little synopsis about the HIV/AIDS information that I have presented since the information was a bit unclear as to who ultimately ended up with HIV. So, the information presented below is my synopsis of what I've read about HIV in laymen's terms.

Briefly, what the public is being told about HIV/AIDS is very different from what the scientific community says about HIV. Here is a very interesting article that talks about the media campaign about HIV.

According to the scientific community:

1. I will start by saying HIV has never been isolated in the laboratory. This is why no one has won the Nobel Prize for its discovery.

2. Having antibodies mean a person has immunity (period). This is not a measure to determine if someone has a disease.

3. The only way they can get this alleged HIV+ blood to do anything is incubate supposedly infected cells with cancer cells (leukemia), or various other stressors such as mitogens. This suggests that the proponents of HIV are basically looking at antibodies and proteins that are produced under stressful conditions that are created by those cancer cells and or mitogens. These proteins/antibodies have nothing to do with HIV.

4. Studies have shown that HIV is not sexually transmitted.

5. HIV has never been isolated in semen, breast milk, or any other bodily fluids.

6. HIV if it exists - it is not contagious.

7. People who do drugs get all types of opportunistic infection that weakens their immune system independent of HIV.

8. Studies performed on Australian prostitutes also demonstrated that HIV is not sexually transmitted.

9. It appears hemophiliac died from Factor 8 contamination and not as a result of HIV.

10. HIV drugs will give you AIDS. AZT is a DNA chain terminator and eventually your cells will die because they can't divide. Protease inhibitors prevent your body’s natural proteases from digesting proteins. The body must recycle on average 10^14 cells per day (~100 trillion per day). The proteases inhibitors prevents this from occurring, as a result, your body becomes very toxic and you will eventually have an autoimmune response as well as fungus growing on the free floating proteins in your body. This will destroy your immune system and you will die.

11. People in Africa are not being treated for diseases they’ve had for eons. These old diseases are now being called HIV.

12. Unlike all the other known diseases such as TB, malaria, etc., etc., different countries have different standards for what constitute a person being diagnosed as HIV+. This means that you can be diagnosed as HIV+ for instance in the U.S. but will not be positive in Canada or Australia. In fact, Australia is the hardest place to be diagnosed HIV+. This is a major flaw in the theory of HIV. How can you have a disease and be treated in one country for that said disease and if you move to another country, they will tell you that you are not sick at all and don't need treatment. It is interesting to note that Africa is one of the easiest places to be diagnosed as HIV+, followed closely by the U.S.

13. There are at least 64 factors that can cause a person to test positive for HIV when in fact they are not positive.

14. Black people have serious health issues that are being overshadowed by this fictitious HIV/AIDS epidemic. We have a high rate of diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc. that are killing us at an alarming rate.

15. The bottom line - people have been lied to about the existence and pathogenic nature of HIV.

16. I will finish by saying if you do a Google or yahoo search on HIV/AIDS, the information you will find is exactly what the CDC, NIH, WHO, and other governmental organizations want you to know about HIV/AIDS. On the other hand, if you do a pub med or use any other type of scientific search engine for information on HIV a different picture will emerge.

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