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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Uncertain Future of New Orleans, LA

This is a case that NOLA should not be rebuilt...

Hurricane Destroys Last of Nature's Speed Bumps

As scientists review aerial photographs of devastation, the evidence of the next huge challenge facing the Gulf Coast jumps out at them: Katrina ripped through the coastline's few remaining barrier islands, and with the hurricane season half over, New Orleans lies naked to the ravages of future storms.

"The entire delta is gone, destroyed," said James B. Johnston, a biologist who coordinates the study of Louisiana's coastline at the National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, La.

This is a case that NOLA should be rebuilt

New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize
A simple way to think about the New Orleans port complex is that it is where the bulk commodities of agriculture go out to the world and the bulk commodities of industrialism come in. The commodity chain of the global food industry starts here, as does that of American industrialism.

With the Delta gone to protect New Orleans, I suspect when it is rebuilt, it will be significantly different and who knows it maybe be modeled after the man-made islands off Kobe, Japan or in Tokyo Bay...

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