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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

An ugly truth that African Americans is avoiding...

Mayor Ray Nagin is ultimately responsible for leaving those people behind. This is a reality that we can no longer let slip under the radar. Below is a post that talks briefly about Nagan's role in this unfortunate ordeal. I will revisit the role Nagin played from the politics of colorism among African Americans.

Excerpt from the Captain's Quarter:

The issues of evacuation had come to light before in New Orleans, almost exactly a year ago, in the advance of Hurrican Ivan through the Gulf. This report demonstrates that the problem experienced this week in The Big Easy did not arise from ignorance or a failure of imagination, but directly from incompetence in the city administration and specifically by Mayor Ray Nagin:

Those who had the money to flee Hurricane Ivan ran into hours-long traffic jams. Those too poor to leave the city had to find their own shelter - a policy that was eventually reversed, but only a few hours before the deadly storm struck land.

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